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Hey, I’m Ignacy, the author of this guide. I’m a BIM Coordinator, with several years of experience in this field.

Since you are reading these words, I assume you are interested in the topic of BIM Coordination. That’s great. You’re in the right place 🎯

I’ve prepared an easy-to-use manual that will guide you through the basic aspects of the BIM Coordinator's work.

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I have divided the entire learning process into 10 steps. Just one hour a day. After a week you will have a new skill that you can use in your daily work. Cool right? So, let’s get down to business.

Click Start Here page and let’s begin learning BIM coordination with me.

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Start Here

BIM Coordination - Basic theory

Exercise Files

Step 1 - Correct model placement

Step 2 - Selection of BIM coordination tools

Step 3 - Exporting models to IFC

Step 4 - Combining models into one multidisciplinary model

Step 5 - Specifying the scope of model checking

Step 6 - Determining the rules for the model checking

Step 7 - Running model check